MetaTrader 5 Programming Masterclass

Trading is a Stressful Job! But You Can Change This: In This Course I'll Show You How...

Learning how to code automated trading strategies for the MetaTrader 5 is just one click away. After signing up you will be granted immediate lifetime access!

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You already have everything you need to become one of the many thriving students. The course will teach you how to automate your trading strategies. Because you deserve it to be a successful trader. 

mql5 Video Lectures

From A to Z, the course is for everyone, even if you never wrote code before.

Cheat Sheets

Get PDF files for the basics like variable data types and control structures.

Always Available

Learn at any time. The course is not limited and you will have lifetime access.

Success Guaranteed

If you learn with this course you will be able to write your own MT5 programs.

Worldwide Access

The course is accessible from anywhere using any modern web browser.

On Any Device

Watch on any device. For the programming you will need the MT5 and a PC.

This Course Is NOT

This course is not a super theoretical, university like, lecture. If you are expecting this, then you should not buy. I am not using a lot of technical terms and I am not trying to sound super intelligent in this course. Instead I will teach everything about mql5 programming that you need to create actual trading strategies. I will make you understand how it works by using a practical approach. This is not something you will find in books or other tutorials. It is based on my personal learning and experience as a self taught programmer who once started just like you.

Not overly complicated
Not hard to understand and not full with unnecessary details
Not for everyone (lazy people will not like it)
Not filled with topics nobody needs (just to make it longer) 
Not the next "you can do it" motivational course. It shows exactly what worked for me. Real knowledge that leads to real results.
This course will NOT solve your problems (at least not if you do not take it seriously). But if you actually soak up and apply the knowledge you can solve your problems faster and, more notable, easier. This will help you to get to the next level.
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MT5 Algotrader...

trade from all over the world
trade completely automatically
earn money automatically with trading
don't make expensive trading mistakes
are able to test strategies over many years
don't have to sit in front of the computer 24/7
are not dependent on trading signals or gurus
can trade completely without mental influences

In the MT5 Masterclass you will learn how to write

Scripts, Indicators and Expert Advisors

for the MetaTrader 5.

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In this course different programs are written which you can use for your own trading and further adapt with your newly acquired knowledge:

Close All Positions Script
Donchian Channel Indicator
Donchian Channel Expert Advisor
Bollinger Bands Expert Advisor
Range Breakout Expert Advisor
And many more

You Will Love It, If You...

want to learn MetaTrader 5 programming
are a beginner or advanced in programming
have basic knowledge about trading
can think logically
want a precise step by step instruction
like to learn with video
want to choose your own speed

Do NOT Buy, If You...

like manual trading and make money with it
already know how to code for the MetaTrader 5
are not willing to invest some time and effort 
do not like to learn with a structured online course
just want to become rich over night
trust trading gurus more than you trust yourself
are not willing to take responsibility for yourself
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René Balke

"If you can explain a strategy, you can automate it."

René completed a dual course of study in a major German bank and then worked in an asset management company with a trend-following trading approach. It was here that he found increasing interest in automated trading and the programming that he taught himself. He has been a managing partner of BM Trading GmbH since 2016.

In the meantime he has successfully completed several hundred customer projects and would like to pass on this know-how in a systematic programming training course.

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This course picks up beginners as well as advanced developers. It accompanies you step by step to reach your goal.

All videos are in a logical order. Programming basics are taught in the beginning. Afterwards you write some simple programs which then become more and more complex.

This ensures that you learn everything perfectly and that you are not faced with a huge task right at the beginning. You will notice how easy it will be for you to learn new things and combine them with content you have already learned!

You do not need any previous knowledge. This course teaches you everything you need to know, starting with variables, operators, control structures and more...

Among other things you will learn the following skills:

Create scripts, indicators and expert advisors
Have trade criteria checked objectively and perfectly with every tick
Automatically open and manage trades
Control strategies based on time and date
Automate SL and TP calculations
Automatically calculate the risk (in %) for every trade
Automate any trailing stop
Select any trade and access their data
Place and cancel pending orders
Close open positions
Integrate safety mechanisms for a MT5 crash
Draw objects in the chart
And much more

At the end of this course you have all the requirements to implement any strategy that you can objectively describe in an expert advisor.

So you will never again have to rely on programmers or expert advisors form the internet where you do not really know what is behind the surface.

Take control of your trading and professionalize your automated trading by investing in yourself and learning the programming craft that nobody can take away from you!

If you do not like the course you can make use of the 60 day refund policy.

Content of the MT5 Programming Masterclass

+ Chapter 12: Working with the MT5 Calendar (News Filter, News Trading)

IMPORTANT: The MT5 supports two different account models. The Masterclass always works with a hedging account. If you are working with a netting account some changes to the source code might be necessary. Most important is to understand the programming basics and the mql5 framework. With this knowledge you can write code for both account types. If you are looking for a reliable broker that offers a hedging account, make sure to visit our recommended broker page.

Why And For Whom I Created The Masterclass

I created this course on my own because it is important for my that more people have access to automated trading.

For more than 10 years I would consider myself a trader and what I hear most from others is that they cannot be consistently profitable. Great people who are confident, structured and ambitious. But when it comes to trading these traits seem to be gone.

Very few are able to stick to their trading plan.

Are they afraid?
Are they not motivated?
Where does the price go next?
What if it hits my stop order?
What if I lose money?

...most of us do not lose money because they do not have a plan:

but because they do not stick to it.

"I wish I had known how to code before I started trading 10 years ago."

Back then, 10 years ago, I was a different kind of trader. I was always excited to play the game and jumped right into it. My very first account was a small 500 Euro account and I doubled this one... before I lost it all in a couple of days. 

Because I had done the same mistakes that everybody tells you not to do.

But I did not have the knowledge or the mindset to cope with losses and also profits.

I felt invincible when I was on a winning streak and was then totally depressed when I lost trades. Getting good momentum with trading was not possible this way.

I felt like a Porsche that was not able to go faster than a Toyota Prius (nothing wrong with Toyota, great cars, but not what I wanted).

If I had known back then what I know today, I probably would have reached my goals a lot quicker. But there was nobody who taught me and also no good learning resources in the web. This would have been a better and easier way to learn. To save time, pain and money.

Now I can say that these conditions made me who I am today. Going the hard way made me aware of the lack of information on this important topic. And I think that many people can benefit from my knowledge. Nobody has to go the same way that I went and not everybody is able to. I think as humans we have the great possibility to learn from others.

The problem? Nobody helps.

I see people with great ideas, dreams and motivation who are working in blood, sweat and tears to reach their goals. But they do not succeed because they struggle sticking to their strategies. Or they are not in front of the PC if the price moves. Or they tend to move their stops when they should not.

Do I blame them? Not at all.

It is NOT your fault

It is not your fault. How could you do something most people struggle with? Especially when there are trading gurus that manipulate your mind into thinking that it is super easy and you just have to follow their signals. And if you tell others that you want to learn how to trade they will not understand. Because of the public image that trading gurus created.

The professional side is simply ignored.

But trading can be different. When you break it down to a systematic and statistical approach you can shift the probabilities. And more important: You will know them. Manual trading is most of the time closer to gambling than an actual business. Most traders exchange strategies more often than they change their underwear. Because they do not know the statistics. 

The question is: Does it have to be like this? No. Knock it off. It is time to get rid of old habits and uncontrolled trading. It is time to become the best trader that you can be. It is time to automate your trading.

Automated trading will eliminate the biggest risks in trading and helps you to regain control.

Start today and become a successful MT5 programmer

MT5 Programming Masterclass

Learn to write scripts, indicators and expert advisors