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You might ask yourself: Why give them away for free? Here is how it works...

Online trading gurus usually do not make their money with trading. Trading brokers pay for every referred client or they pay the gurus a percentage of the commissions generated by the referred clients. I also have these deals with brokers... 

But unlike others I decided to create a situation where everyone benefits. Watch the video to learn more.

So YES I want you to open an account with my Partner Broker! But I have no interest in you losing your money. Everyone benefits if you can trade your money successfully and stay with the broker for a long time. So the question is: How can I create the best possible environment for you to be profitable!?

I myself am trading profitably for many years now and I am only using automated trading programs. For the MetaTrader these programs are called Expert Advisor. So the idea is easy: I will give you some of my most profitable programs for free. You can download the programs directly here on this page. Right now. No catch! On the right you can find a live account that I have for many years now with IC Markets. This was traded with very low risk and the results can be a lot better of course if you are willing to risk more of the trading capital.

All of the programs on this page are licensed so you can only use them with my partner broker IC Markets/Trading. This means you get all the benefits and the broker is paying me so you do not have to. All you have to do is sign up using the links on my webpage and send me the account number of the account and the e-mail address you used to open this account.

Step 1: Open Partner Broker Account

Currently you can use the free Expert Advisors with IC Trading and IC Markets (Global). Due to regulatory it does NOT work with any other IC Markets entity (like IC Markets EU). 

It is recommended to try IC Trading first since it covers most countries now (e.g. countries in the EU). During the account opening process you have to select your country. If your country is not available with IC Trading then you can usually open an account with IC Markets (Global).

I know that changing broker is always a bit of a struggle. But the choice of broker is one of the most important factors for long term trading success. If you are using a more expensive broker right now this could be your biggest change towards profitability.

Step 2: Request EA License

Partner Broker

Step 3: Download Expert Advisors and Start Trading

Range Breakout EA:

This is one of the strategies that I love most. I use it for many years in live accounts now and it has proven its worth. The idea is to wait for the market to create a range in the morning. Two points in time are chosen for this and the EA then calculates the highest and lowest points in this period. Afterwards pending orders are placed automatically to trade the breakouts out of this range. The EA also comes with many options for trade management. Download the EA and do your own testing to find the settings you like most!

Go Long EA:

This EA is designed to only go long (that is where the name comes from). The idea is to use this program when you expect a long trend or just a big positive day. Personally I use the program in index CFDs since these should tend to go long sooner or later. Economies are growing and so do the big indices. Even though nobody can guarantee this in the future it is still a valid bet. The EA has inputs for the position opening and closing time. Also you can define TP and SL levels and choose to only open trades once there is a new daily high.

The Fisherman EA:

This Expert Advisor can be used to "fish" for quick retracements that take place within a major trend. Different filters can be used to determine the overall trend direction. Before entering a trade the program then wait for price moves against the trend. The EA provides different user inputs for volume and trade management. You can decide to close all the trades at a specific point in time during the day or use the trade management options to finish the job. Make sure to download the EA now to do your first backtests in the MT5 strategy tester.

René Balke Portrait

The Developer

René Balke

"If you can explain a strategy, you can automate it."

René completed a dual course of study in a major German bank and then worked in an asset management company with a trend-following trading approach. It was here that he found increasing interest in automated trading and the programming that he taught himself. He has been a managing partner of BM Trading GmbH since 2016.

In the meantime he has successfully completed several hundred customer projects and would like to pass on this know-how in a systematic programming training course.

The EA installation process is super easy. You can watch the video below if you need some help with it. Also you will find PDF files with explanations of the expert advisor settings when downloading the EAs. Make sure to try the EAs in the strategy tester first to get familiar with the program. You will also find a video for this below:


I am a big fan of automated trading. For me it was the key to successful and profitable trading. BUT: This does not mean that automated trading can guarantee profits. I do not believe there is such a thing as the holy grail. Trading is always risky and you should never trade with money that you cannot afford to lose. Also only because strategies like the range breakout strategy were profitable in the last 6 years it does not mean it has to be profitable in the future. Nobody knows what comes next and if you are searching for ways to become rich quick I have nothing to offer for you.

Nevertheless there are many good reasons for trading with automated expert advisors

- Long term backtests will give you confidence

- Completely automated strategy execution

- No emotions and no mental stress

- No trading mistakes

- ...

Same for brokers... I am using IC Markets/Trading for my live trading for many years now. Also you will find plenty of good reviews for the broker in the internet (Trustpilot etc.). But always remember that I am NOT the broker and cannot make any promises for anything. I do not know all of their processes and workflows. I am really grateful for the partnership that I have with IC Markets/Trading because it allows me to provide these EAs for free (normally EAs like this are sold for hundreds of dollar). But in the end you have to decide for yourself if you want to trade with this broker or if another broker might be better for your situation.

Still let me give you some reasons why I decided to trade (and partner) with the broker:

- Long term positive personal experience

- Never had payout problems

- One of the biggest brokers in the world

- Cheap trading commissions and fair executions

- ...

I do NOT give you these EAs and say that they will make profits in the future. Nobody can guarantee this. You are responsible for your own financial success and you have to make your own decisions. I will NOT recommend any inputs for the programs. The default inputs are NOT recommended in any way and they might not be the best. Different symbols require different inputs and sometimes I also use different inputs for the same symbol in different accounts. 

Have fun trading with the EAs and good trades!! 🙂